Exhibition: Climate Change

July 6, 2009

Exhibition: Climate Changeour future our choice

loation: Australian Museum. 5July Open day

Result of Observing People’s behaviors in the museum

+ Interactive table, sustainable game (image01&02)

  • the interactive table is setted up by 2 camers, IR LED, projector. it’s not really sensitive for some reasons. when the system didn’t respond, kids just kept hiting the table. Children didn’t understand how it works and only a few adults look up to find out how the system works.
  • children around 3-7 yrs may ot understand how to play the interactive game. some kids kept pressing the table to affect the gamer. it’s the competitive game, 4 players can play the game at the same time. users didn’t understand that is a competitive game, and didn’t know how to find out the results. some kids just copied others action, pressed any symbols on the screen can change the images. Better have instruction on the wall or at the beginning of the game. then the parent can read it and instruct their kids.
  • the timing of the game should be kept in short, lot of people waiting around the table. (1-3 mins)
  • different country have different color. most users didn’t choose the Red one. Color will influence the brain to make decision.

+ Sea Level change (image03)

  • The interactive screen & the projecting image shows the temperature influencing the sea level, which includes the interactive map of Sydney, and the data of temperature increase required, time, etc. User can use the touch screen to pan or zoom in/out the map, change the temperature.
  • Problems : Voice over of describing the results is better than the Sound effect of the sea; number of the data needs to be highlighted to attract attention; maybe add the side view of the street and the building next to the beach which can simulate the scene when the sea level rising.

+ dance floor generates energy (image04)

  • Problems: the dance floor just sets next to the interactive table, it will affect the uers playing the game with the table; chileren don’t really know the reason of dancing on that floor, they just copying the action from other kids. it’s better to add the voice over to explain the the game.


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