July 18, 2009

before i starting my research project in the next semester, i used my winter holiday to think about the topic of my research project and the thesis. keep skteching ideas by pen, observe people’s behaviours in the street, museum and gallery, reading, watching video of online lectures from Standford and TED.

i still remembered Dr. Andy Dong told how he read the books in the theory course of first semester in my Master course, which is 50 pages reading every night before sleep, 30 pages intersting reading, 20 pages boring reading. i thought that was the reason he got the PhD from Berkeley. i found it was really hard to turn it into habit. therefore i was looking for the way of insteading of reading 50 pages. i thought 50 pages reading did not mean the quantity, but the quality. and it might not only include reading the book, but also reading on the web, or watch TV program.  the quality means you think about and question about the things you read or watch. the sketch book, note book, or memo pad is useful to document the feedback.

i turned my iPodTouch into a tool for my study, which is the watching the online lectures videos from Standford and TED. finally i thought the iPodTouch was not an useless thing in my pocket.


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