Tangible Media for Design and Inspiration

July 18, 2009

Tangible Media for Design and Inspiration – Hiroshi Ishii (May 30, 2008) Tangible Meida Group, MIT Media Lab. Lectures from Standford University

MIT = Zoo = very complex

Tangible bit: physical world and digital world like a iceberg.

hands and the body is very important. hands help to think.

Ambient Media in Nature (beautiful media) = water, sand, wind, light, shadow, cloud. Nature include lot of meanings.

what drives creation? Technologies; Users’ need applications; Vision(concepts, principles).

Vision —- Art

Vision is the most important in the Life Span.

Art & Science

invisible (extension of body – good fit)

Interaction Design: informaed by sciences(HCI); materialized by techbologies (CS, EE, ME) ; shaped by industrial design, media arts and practical real-world applications.

HCI & ART “interact and inspire” – conceptual”eyeglasses”; inspire people’s imagination and creativity through interactions

Design for future, design for next generation


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