Research Project ongoing (w1 – 6)

September 6, 2009

Week 1-2 brainstorming (sem 1 — 8Aug)

  • Aquarium observation (Biologically inspired design)
  • street observation

Week 3 (9Aug – 15Aug)

  • Powerhouse Museum( Sydney Desig Festival- designer market)
  • Focus on Kinetic dress
  • sketch ideas
  • making kinetic models (present concept — Methods of wearable visualization)

Week 4 (16Aug – 22Aug)

  • classifly the concept models, take photos document
  • making large scale models, present different purposes ( diff materials, forms, structures)
  • visit fabric shop check the materials
  • test amplifier with LEDs

Week 5 (23Aug – 29Aug)

  • outcome discussion — big scale models, take photos document
  • learn about how to create kinetic structure
  • Test Polar T31 transmitter with Heart rate interface (fail)
  • Sport center check the Transmitter with the watch ( succeed)
  • reading (architecture design- Calatrva, Balmond, Enginnering, Morphogenetic design)
  • making model — skelecton structure (multi layers, complex patterns)
  • making Slider crank structure model ( include servo motor, rigid cardboard)
  • planning to cut the mannequin (cardboard by laser cut)
  • investigate the parameter for dressmaker model

Week6 (30Aug – 5Sep)

  • discussion skelecton structure model and thesis strcuture
  • test Heart rate interface with Arduino
  • working out the exact parameter of the Slider crank structure
  • visit Art shop (Art of King, Art Supplies) and Hardwear Shop (Handy) to check the size and price of materials ( accessory, poly prop, acetate, cutting mate )
  • test the Paper Cutter
  • illustrate the outline of the Slider crank structure for laser cut
  • first testing the Slider crank structure with laser cut (2mm perspex)
  • construct the perspex parts ( bolt, nut, flat washer)
  • made mistakes on some of the parameter of the illustration for laser cut
  • making different size skelecton layer and test with the Slider crank structure
  • search for buying a mannequin
  • thesis writing
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