Research Project (w7)

September 7, 2009

Week 7 — 6Sep – 12Sep

  • thesis: where is my reason? what’s my research question?
  • start to read papers again ( my instructor gave me lot of reading )
  • think about what is the difference between the research based design and the design based research
  • read paper on Sounds affecting Heart rate ( medical  &  psychologial)
  • try to cut down the weight of the first layer (need test the poly prop cutting with the correct size)
  • test the bending of the perspex
  • fancy kinetic structure, new design for the pattern
  • buy polyster boning from fabric shop
  • microphone still does not work well
  • buy poly prop from art shop, over size (A0), cut them by the broken cutter in the Workshop
  • research question shot
  • hand cut the detail connection parts
  • connect the bones for the first layer

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