OZCHI24 hours design Challenge – MelbournePostcard

September 13, 2009

The topic for the online challenge is “Find yourself in Melbourne: the future of maps”

Competition website: http://www.ozchi24.org/

This is the video prototype from our Team “IHCZO”:

Our Concept

Team member: Jack Zhao & Kerry Jia Yi Lin

i think our time plan is great. we went to Uni and started to work together @ 10:00am and finished @ 4:00am, also spent 2 hours for meal. so, actually we spent 18hrs on the generating ideas and implementing the video prototype.

Everything was all right during the daytime. we finished brainstorm in the morning. and produced the paper pototype for video shoting. the filmming was done just before the sunset.

After dinner was the post-production for the video prototype: photoshop, illustration, Aftereffect, printing, cutting, hand drawing, …

But after midnight, the implementing computer/mobile interface and video editing took time. the rendering in the AfterEffect CS4 made me crazy, which generated huge Quicktime or AVI file. because of running out of enegry, i made mistakes on the resizing images, and the spelling mistake of subtitles. and also the we had trouble on uploading the video to Youtube / Vimeo, spent more than 1 hour to fix it.

However, it’s challenge and great experience for me. i cherished this opportunity. and it was a trial for me. Serious attitude and faith is really important for persistence.


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