Research Project (w8)

September 13, 2009

13Sep – 19Sep

  • reading papers & writing thesis
  • machanic and interaction — information/ data visualization i.e. Oscilloscope (digital, 1980s); Pong Mechanik (2004) / Niklas Roy; Kinetische Skulptur BMW Museum (2008) / ART+COM; Cloud (2008) / Troika
  • new suggestion from instructor: engineering structure design ( kinetic structure design, reason of the shape & patterns), skeletal structure (width of gaps, fabric layer [laight, flexible, tansparent, silk with pattern] goes through / on top of this layer) ; multi micophones (sensing ambient sound, user voice, movement); accelerometer (new concept?)
  • cut poly prop into strips for skeletal structure
  • laser cut (light structure v2), mistake (forget the piece for stable the motor)
  • fix up the problem with the laser cut mistake. the new version is lighter than the old one.
  • construct on the kinetic system
  • work on boning, try to sew boning with the nylon thread, the invisible thread is good, but hard to sew
  • the boning is too strong, hard to control, should sew the wire with the boning for creating the shape easily
  • tape the boning on the dress
  • shopping in fabric shop, learn about knowledge of fabric (the quality of silk organza is really better than the organza and polyester), get some accessories (quilter’s thimble from EEC, hand needles from Japan, and polyester thread from Garmany)
  • suggestion from tutor, should seperate the power of Arduino when using microphone
  • Jaycar shopping for microphone setup
  • glue the kinetic structure
  • new fabric are on shipping now
  • finish sewing the baisc boning, emmm~~ (so far so good)
  • bought 6 more servo motors for spare used
  • drill holes on the poly prop sheet, hang the kinetic structures (5 pieces) vertically, half of the kinetic structure is really heavy already

To-do list:

Coding :

  • mapping analog input to digital output (sound / heart rate — servo motor)
  • control multi servo motors
  • heart rate convert
  • test Xbee – for sesnsing the picth and fequency of the sound (no Xbee because of delay)


  • mic + ampiflier
  • + Xbee (no Xbee because of delay)

Dress Construction:

  • laser cut the kinetic structure with design pattern (light structure v2) — layer 3
  • install perspex parts — layer 3
  • cut poly prop into strips — layer 2
  • install poly prop strips as skeletal structure — layer 2
  • test the skeletal structure, calculate the accurate size — layer 2
  • sew the polyester boning to the dress (loop) — layer 5
  • sew (hook) to poly prop layer — layer 4
  • cut the poly prop — layer 4
  • design BACK structure (same weight as the FRONT) — layer 6

funny story:
it’s so weird when i weared the transmitter to show my heartbeat to the instructor in the meeting. i was totally visualizing my emotion which is super nervous~~. my heart rate nearly reached 120. i thought i had proved my research question. when i saw my heart rate raising, i tried to use laughing to cover my discomposure.


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