Research Project (w9)

September 20, 2009

20Sep — 27Sep

  • review Calatrava’s design
  • laser cut booking is full this week the next booking will be on Tue (29Sep) the week after. the 3rd time sould be the final version.
  • redesign the shape and pattern for the kinetic structure (not sure about it), try to reduce the weight
  • suggestion from instructer: still have problem of pattern design for the kinetic structure; reduce weight of the skeletal structure (1 column at the center / 2 columns with less poly prop layers, 45 degree at both side) ; fabric goes through; one more bone for skeletal structure supporting the fabric; highlight body outline (really hard to achieve); make it looks like a dress (now is a kinetic sculpture/ machine); …
  • try to redesign the placement of the kinetic structure (not good)
  • fabric arrives from HK, but the color of the Chiffon is too vivid (really bright blue), the synthetic organza looks like cheap material (shining, but synthetic materials do not crush easily). (no idea it works or not, and don’t know how to cover the skeletal structure) it’s really hard to get the silk organza with gradient color.
  • questioning if need fabric to cover the skeletal structure, why i need the complex skeletal structure ( just directly attach the fabric to the kinetic structure, it will have the same effect).
  • if attaching fabric to the skeletal structure, because i’m not good at sewing, i know it looks more ugly than without the fabric. and i don’t know how to solve this problem and no one tells me who to solve
  • new concept? physical activity comparing to the Heart rate. emotional stress and the no-emotional stress.
  • spared servo motors (6) arrived.
  • sew more boning on the dress (because i saw the “ONE HUNDRED AND ONE” & READINGS” from Moritz Waldemeyer collaborated working with CHALAYAN)
  • think about how to use the gradient color fabric to create the shape and pattern for the dress ( be a fashion designer!? )

To-do list:

research , reading, writing the thesis

Coding :

  • mapping analog input to digital output (sound / heart rate — servo motor)
  • control multi servo motors
  • heart rate convert


  • mic + ampiflier
  • sew the HRMI board & lilypad to the samll piece of felt first, tiny blue LEDs to the skeletal structure

Dress Construction:

  • finalize the design pattern of kinetic structure for laser cut (light structure v3) — layer 3
  • cut poly prop into strips (transparent red) — layer 2
  • try half width size of the poly prop strips (showing more details) — layer 2
  • install poly prop strips as skeletal structure — layer 2
  • finalize the skeletal structure, calculate the accurate size — layer 2
  • sew the polyester boning to the dress (loop) — layer 5
  • sew (hook) to poly prop layer — layer 4
  • cut the poly prop — layer 4
  • design BACK structure (same weight as the FRONT) — layer 6
  • try fabric layer on top of the skeletal structure or goes through it — layer
  • plan & draw Soft Circuits (how to link the cables of the motors to the lilypad)

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