Books recommended from Stanford HCI course

September 24, 2009

Stanford HCI course

Books recommended by the staff :

Design Research: Methods and Perspectives by Brenda Laurel – particularly the bodystorming and informance chapters

Making Things Talk by Tom Igoe – Designing digital/physical devices

Designing Interactions, by Bill Moggridge – The history of interaction design, with an interview CD

Sketching User Experiences by Bill Buxton – Design thinking in sketching and prototyping

Some valuable articles:

Heuristics for User Interface Design” by Jakob Nielsen

How to Conduct a Heuristic Evaluation” by Jakob Nielsen

Interview with Bill Verplank” by Bill Moggridge

Wizard of Oz Studies – Why and How” by Dahlback, Jonsson and Ahrenberg

Animator vs. Animation” by Alan Becker

Windows Mobile 7 To Focus On Touch and Motion Gestures” Inside Microsoft Blog

Take it to the next stage: the roles of role playing in the design process” by Kristian Simsarian

What do prototypes prototype?” by Stephanie Houde and Charles Hill

Heuristic Evaluation” by Jakob Nielsen

Tangible Bits” by Hiroshi Ishii and Brygg Ullmer

Design of the Conceptual Model” interview with David Liddle


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