Research Project (w10)

September 27, 2009

27Sep — 3Oct

  • designing the dress with fabric (really hard, ∵beginner of fashion design. try to use gradient color Chiffon to create new strucutre, pattern, effect: rolling the fabric; knitting techniques…)
  • questioning: why the kinetic dress must look like a normal dress? how to combine the architecture structure with fabric? why Givenchy’s, McQueen’s, Olivier’s dress can be dramatic? what is aesthetics?
  • reading papers for new concept (emotional stress/ non-emotional stress relating to the body movement)
  • update blog post for documenting the progress of the research project (take photos for sketches, management all the photos, PS took time)
  • redesign & calculate the pattern and shape for the kinetic parts. reduce the weight. make paper model to test the real scale.
  • think about how to map the data from accelerometer to the servo motor (confuse???)
  • why the LilyPad Power supply DEV-08466 from Sparkfun only supply 1.5V power? need to think about how to power 10 servo motors (but only 2 motors run at the same time). 5v is minimum. Power is always a problem for wearable computing.
  • sew 50 BLUE LEDs on the dress? ( suggestoin from supervisor. LED is really common on E-fashion -_-!!! ) Even though the LEDs are really, they will pull the Chiffon, maybe think about sew them on the skeletal structure. then the conductive thread must be sewed on the skeletal structure as well.
  • laser cut 3rd version. too many holes on the bar linkages, make it too flexible. maybe having problem with supporting the skeletal structure (115mm length 10mmwidth bar comes out when the system extent the maximum distance)
  • build the kinetic structure. (the cable of the new servo motors is shorter than the old one.)
  • try out placing the kinetic structure at different location on the dress ( center / Sides)
  • decide to place at both sides
  • attach the kinetic structures on the boning, sewing to stable them
  • use Hoop & Loop for connecting skeletal structure to the bar linkage system & boning
  • sewing Hoops & Loops on the system (maybe need buttons and glue for stabler structure)
  • adjust the shape of the skeletal structure

To-do list:

research , reading, writing the thesis

Coding :

  • mapping analog input to digital output (sound / heart rate/ movement — servo motor)
  • control multi servo motors
  • heart rate convert
  • accelerometer + lilypad Arduino (


  • sew the HRMI board & lilypad to the samll piece of felt first, tiny blue LEDs to the skeletal structure

Dress Construction:

  • finalize the design pattern of kinetic structure for laser cut (light structure v3) — layer 3
  • install poly prop strips as skeletal structure — layer 2
  • finalize the skeletal structure, calculate the accurate size — layer 2
  • sew the polyester boning to the dress (loop) — layer 5
  • sew (hook) to poly prop layer — layer 4
  • design BACK structure (same weight as the FRONT) — layer 6
  • try fabric layer on top of the skeletal structure or goes through it — layer
  • plan & draw Soft Circuits (how to link the cables of the motors to the lilypad)

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