Research Project (w12)

October 11, 2009

11Oct – 17Oct

  • implement the fins at the BACK
  • finish implementing the tails. each side has 5 pieces ( like feathers or leafs). add the wires inside the tails, ∴the shape can be transformed.
  • tape acetate on top of the tails and all the main poly prop strips
  • work on the new fabric, really happy about what i piacked, the new deep grey is really nice with silver shining. Futurism!?
  • stable the deep grey fabric on thr front edge of the skeletal structure, sew the fabric on it
  • stretching the deep grey fabric to the back,very very tight , stable the fabric to the specific points which close to the fins.
  • also table the fabric to the Flexible bar linkage parts
  • the end of the fabric is sewing into the back of the fins
  • the structure at the back is a bit complex
  • laser cut the more bar linkage pieces for backup
  • sewing the hook & loop to the battery holder for connecting the battery holders and the dress
  • normal AA/AAA battery is 1.5V. the recharge battery is 1.2V, 4 * AA = 4.8V. therefore it can be used for HRMI, and the lilypad or Servo motors.
  • finish sewing to connect the servo motors to the lilypad
  • testing the HRMI, but after take the headers apart from the board, the connection has problem now. the sensor was working in the morning but could not upload data to Arduino. now the sensor is totally nor working. only the status LED is ON (green), but it doesn’t do anything. 😦
  • test HRMI with Arduino lilypad 328 and the Duemilanove 328, both are not working, and also ask Ardrian
  • order a new HRMI board now ($$$), ∵ i destroied it
  • add acetate to the inside edge of the skeletal structure
  • stable the bottom of the dress, sew bothe side of the Grey fabric to the inside of the dress
  • sew Hoops to the basic dress, sew Loops and the Snap Fasteners to the Front Black Cover which cover the soft circuit, therefore the Front Cover can be removed when adjusting the soft circuit
  • create some wrinkles to the Front Cover
  • add a piece of acetate as the belt,stand out the waistline

To-do list:

research , reading, writing the thesis

Coding :

  • mapping analog input to digital output (sound / heart rate/ movement — servo motor)
  • control multi servo motors
  • heart rate convert
  • accelerometer + lilypad Arduino (


  • sew conductive thread to connect the HRMI, motors to the lilypad, (tiny blue LEDs to the skeletal structure)
  • test one side of the structure, run motor to check the structure and the soft circuit.

Dress Construction:

  • finish the tails
  • attach & sew fabric layer on top of the skeletal structure
  • finish the Soft Circuits

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