RP_Photo document 016_experimentation

October 23, 2009

  • stable the wires (make sure every connection is working)


  • marking all the servo digiIn


  • final Look (take off the Light Grey fabric at the BACK)


  • Try it on (testing) (not that heavy, around 3kg)
  • movement of the dress: kinetic system should be moved horizontally from from to back. but the fabric is stretching, the movement can only be saw as twitching. the basic mapping i shew to my supervisor on Fri afternoon which mapped to number of motors (level of the movement or heart rate refers to the number of motors’ action.) Add the fluid movement later which is looping 5 motors from top to bottom or from bottom to top.
  • Need someone to help to wear the dress, because the long zipper is at the back of the dress
  • when i wore the dress, i could walk in samll step, go upstairs or downstairs but slowly, jump up and down, run in samll step. i walked upstairs from Mezzaine to the 4th floor.
  • i felt like stood under the spotlight. when i waited outside the lab to show the dress to my supervior, everyone in his class came to visit me. i felt like i became an animal and got into human world.
  • feedback from onlooker: looks like caterpillar, dinosaur.
  • onlookers’ questions: what is this? what’s the movement on the kinetic part? what’s the kinetic movement relating to? what kind of the data is reflecting? how heavy it is?


Bob Mackie is the fashion deisgner designing the clothes for the fashion icons wearing on the stage, red carpet or party. He talked about the fashion on the stage is not only about fashion, is the whole other place, take many steps above, is not like red carpetm and party; should take it to abother level, another perior, or somebody’s logical kingdom; it should be let the audiences to excite before open their mouths.


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