Research Project (w14)

October 24, 2009

25Oct – 31Oct

  • solder the cables to the headers for connecting them to the Arduino board more stable.
  • take off the light grey fabric layer at the back
  • add one more layer to cover the batteries and cables, because the first Black Layer is a bit transparent.
  • user evaluation plan (5 wearers)
  • participant information statenment, onlooker participant information statenment, interview questions to onlookers, questionnaire to the wearer.
  • User A (R) —- 11:30 – 13:30, 29th Oct, International House, 4 onlookers.
  • User B (J) —- 15:30 – 17:30, 29th Oct, Wikinson Building, 7 onlookers.
  • something wrong with one motor (first one) at the left hand side (kept making unusual noize)
  • User C (I) —- 11:00 – 12:45, 30th Oct, lawn in front of the SciTech Library, 5 onlookers.
  • unusual noize kept going during the thrid user evalluation period
  • test the motors at the left hand side, not the problem of programming , battaies, connection,… test on the new motor, it runs all right. replace a new on. trouble was shoot.
  • listen the record of the intervire, summary the user evaluation

To-do list:

  • writing the thesis
  • user evaluation

Coding :

  • testing, check everything working well (2 situations refer to the heart rate and the accelerometer )


  • digiIn to the Arduino board, make it more stable
  • fix the broke part after the user evaluation

Dress Construction:

  • add flexible thread to connect the fins (tails) to the kinetic system
  • change the blue fabric into light grey at the Back
  • add something to the FRONT, make it to be Modern (try geometry pattern or aluminum foil )

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