MCA Exhibitions

April 18, 2010

Almanc: The Gift of Ann Lewis Ao

Ian Buarns — ‘Showtime’ 2008

(installation: about US politics, Obama, making noise, as the noise came from airplane engine )

close up (stepper motor + light + glass + brush + fan + monitor)

Em~~ no idea about the pic below, sorry!

Robert Klippel (sculpture , metals)

Sylvie Blovher: What is Missing?

installation (screen + voiceover + music)

‘Urban Stories / Nanling – GuangZhou 2005’

(the one below is interesting. but i don’t belive the ‘story’ is true. how come the women never saw foreigner before meeting the artist?! the village is near GuangZhou, which is a morden city nect to HK.  i knew the place the artist shot the film. it’s my hometown — GuangZhou. maybe i don’t know much about the NanLing Village.)

We call tem prates out here

Mikes Howard -Wilks  — ‘ Cohocolate land’ 2006

Richard Lewer — ‘In between’ 2007

(hand drawing animation, frame-by-frame!!! nice background music and voiceover to tell the story)


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