17th Biennale of Sydney – Cockatoo Island

May 20, 2010

before get on to the Ferry,  enter MCA to pickup the booklet first, then you can read it before visiting the Cockatoo island.   pick a sunny day!

Remember to bring a pen, you can mark your journey, and take notes.

i listed my favourite projects showing on the island ( just included digital media projects) :

  • AES+F — The Feast of Trimalchio (2009) ★★★★★

wow~ the 9 channel animation is so Cool! my first impression: Dali’s painting from Surrealism, and Matthew Barney’s visual effects.  it’s a luxurious fantasy. 360 degree projection; 3d animation mix real actors (fashion magazine style); slow motion ( sexy motion, posting); color ( fashion, animals; nature); multi culture (landscape, clothing, people); cross over ( occupation,sport, culture); classical music;  …

  • Cau Gyi-Qiang — Inspportune: Stage One (2004) ★★★★

this installation had been showed in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum before.  the most famous artist using firework as the medium to create artwork.

  • Slave Pianos ★★★

auto-play piano + voiceover to tell the story; the balance; exposed mechanical system

  • Daniel Crooks — Static No. 12 (2009-10) ★★★

the special effect works perfectly with TaiChi

  • Brodie Ellis — Umbra:Penumbra:Antumbra (2010) ★★★

very very hard inside, participants added the speical effect to scare me. the image projecting on the floor was rotating. the other projection is the  solar eclipse. very nice!

  • Hiroshi Sugimoto — Lighting Fields 128  (2009) ★★

the photography matches the surrounding which is the Power House on Cockatoo island.

  • Yayoi Kusama — Song of Manhattan Suicide Addictr (2010) ★

em~ not interesting as her sculpture, painting or installation.

  • Warren Fahey and Mic Gruchy — Danbed Souls and Turing Wheels (2010) ★★★

the style of telling a story was nice. using 6 projects directly project the video footage on the wall and columns.

  • Tsang Kin-Wah —  The First Seal – It would be better if you have never benn born… (2009) ★★

projecting the text over the ceiling,  slow~~~~~

  • Isaac Jukuen — Ten Thousand Waves (2010) ★

em~ no comment


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