an installation from Biennale of Sydney, kinetic waterlily (air pump control).  the Red object is obvious in the Botanic Garden.

Blue Fly. wow!!


nice view!

Ruins of Lotus leaf

Geometry in the nature

beautidul Shape & structure

Australian Museum (the exhibition was totally the same the last year openday. 2 of the exhibition was closed. -__-!!!  i prefered to visit museum at the Open Day. because it’s free and ppl can visit the research labs and store rooms. )


NSW Art Gallery

June 8, 2010

some art works from Biennale of Sydney.

it’s about colour &  structure!

wow! painting from a famous Chinese artist!

looks like the real men. scary!

Soft * Object * Space * light * Shadow * White

a cool guy was standing in front of the modern painting. 🙂

PowerHouse Museum

June 7, 2010

Portraits of a tea cosy (It’s so cute. Textiles * Ceramic. Circus style! )

- From Earth to the Universe(large screen projection is perfect for this topic)

- Frock stars: inside Australian Fashion Week

- The 80s are back (The exhibition design was very nice,Lighting and the installation emhanced the theme of 80s.)

Interactive Rubik’s Cube (interesting!)

- Engineering Excellence

Robotic clarinet, NICTA/UNSW (wow!!!)

visited PowerHouse on 27thMay2010. i saw the head of PowerHouse – Sebastian Chan, who just gave a talk on TED*Sydney. 🙂 Lucky!

before get on to the Ferry,  enter MCA to pickup the booklet first, then you can read it before visiting the Cockatoo island.   pick a sunny day!

Remember to bring a pen, you can mark your journey, and take notes.

i listed my favourite projects showing on the island ( just included digital media projects) :

  • AES+F — The Feast of Trimalchio (2009) ★★★★★

wow~ the 9 channel animation is so Cool! my first impression: Dali’s painting from Surrealism, and Matthew Barney’s visual effects.  it’s a luxurious fantasy. 360 degree projection; 3d animation mix real actors (fashion magazine style); slow motion ( sexy motion, posting); color ( fashion, animals; nature); multi culture (landscape, clothing, people); cross over ( occupation,sport, culture); classical music;  …

  • Cau Gyi-Qiang — Inspportune: Stage One (2004) ★★★★

this installation had been showed in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum before.  the most famous artist using firework as the medium to create artwork.

  • Slave Pianos ★★★

auto-play piano + voiceover to tell the story; the balance; exposed mechanical system

  • Daniel Crooks — Static No. 12 (2009-10) ★★★

the special effect works perfectly with TaiChi

  • Brodie Ellis — Umbra:Penumbra:Antumbra (2010) ★★★

very very hard inside, participants added the speical effect to scare me. the image projecting on the floor was rotating. the other projection is the  solar eclipse. very nice!

  • Hiroshi Sugimoto — Lighting Fields 128  (2009) ★★

the photography matches the surrounding which is the Power House on Cockatoo island.

  • Yayoi Kusama — Song of Manhattan Suicide Addictr (2010) ★

em~ not interesting as her sculpture, painting or installation.

  • Warren Fahey and Mic Gruchy — Danbed Souls and Turing Wheels (2010) ★★★

the style of telling a story was nice. using 6 projects directly project the video footage on the wall and columns.

  • Tsang Kin-Wah —  The First Seal – It would be better if you have never benn born… (2009) ★★

projecting the text over the ceiling,  slow~~~~~

  • Isaac Jukuen — Ten Thousand Waves (2010) ★

em~ no comment

Santiago Calatrava

last year, my ‘lovely’ supervisor suggested me to check ou Calatrava’s design. wow!!! got shock again! i love those skeleton structure and the kinetic design.  they are full of imagination, passion & power.  Impressive!!! Fantastic!!!

le Corbusier

i spent some time to study Le Corbusier ‘s Villa Savoye which is one of the most important figures in Modern architecture. em~ i think i like the Ronchamp better!

Zaha Hadi

Zaha Hadi’s new architecture design – Guangzhou Opera House just went into service in Apr 2010. just 20mins walk from my apartment in my hometown GuangZhou. 🙂

When i was packing up my stuff, i found lot of old sketches.  i forgot when i became a fan of Antonio Gaudi.  i still remembered first time i saw Gaudi’s work on a postcard which my mum sent it to me from Spain. all the details from Gaudi’s work gave me a shock. that was 15 years ago. i even made a vase in Gaudi’s style.  i want to go to Spain to visit those architecture.

MCA Exhibitions

April 18, 2010

Almanc: The Gift of Ann Lewis Ao

Ian Buarns — ‘Showtime’ 2008

(installation: about US politics, Obama, making noise, as the noise came from airplane engine )

close up (stepper motor + light + glass + brush + fan + monitor)

Em~~ no idea about the pic below, sorry!

Robert Klippel (sculpture , metals)

Sylvie Blovher: What is Missing?

installation (screen + voiceover + music)

‘Urban Stories / Nanling – GuangZhou 2005’

(the one below is interesting. but i don’t belive the ‘story’ is true. how come the women never saw foreigner before meeting the artist?! the village is near GuangZhou, which is a morden city nect to HK.  i knew the place the artist shot the film. it’s my hometown — GuangZhou. maybe i don’t know much about the NanLing Village.)

We call tem prates out here

Mikes Howard -Wilks  — ‘ Cohocolate land’ 2006

Richard Lewer — ‘In between’ 2007

(hand drawing animation, frame-by-frame!!! nice background music and voiceover to tell the story)