• Fashionable technology : the intersection of design, fashion, science and technology / Sabine Seymou
  • Application design for wearable computing / Dan Siewiorek and Asim Smailagic, Thad Starner.
  • Design meets disability / Graham Pullin.
  • Total interaction : theory and practice of a new paradigm for the design disciplines / edited by Ger
  • Safe : design takes on risk / Paola Antonelli ; [edited by Joanne Greenspun ; design by Amanda Washb
  • Visualizing data / Ben Fry.
  • Sketching user experiences : getting the design right and the right design / Bill Buxton.
  • Making things talk : [practical methods for connecting physical objects] / Tom Igoe.
  • Design and the Elastic Mind/ the Museum of Modern Art (ugh Aldersey-Williams, Peter Hall, Ted Sargent, and Paola Antonelli)
  • Designing Design/ Kenya Hara
  • Transformation : basic principles and methodology of design / Roland Knauer.
  • The power of fashion : about design and meaning / editors: Jan Brand, Jos Teunissen in cooperation
  • Skin : surface, substance + design / Ellen Lupton ; with essays by Jennifer Tobias … [et al.].
  • Skin + bones : parallel practices in fashion and architecture / organized by Brooke Hodge ; essays by Brooke Hodge and Patricia Mears ; afterword by Susan Sidlauskas.
  • Nature design : from inspiration to innovation / edited by Museum Fr Gestaltung Zrich ; Angeli Sachs ; essays by Barry Bergdoll, Dario Gamboni, and Philip Ursprung.
  • Informal / Cecil Balmond with Jannuzzi Smith ; edited by Christian Brensing ; foreword by Charles Jencks ; preface by Rem Koolhaas.
  • Element / Cecil Balmond.
  • The sculpture of Ruth Asawa : contours in the air / Daniell Cornell … [et al.].
  • Design engineering : AKT Adams Kara Taylor / [edited by Hanif Kara]
  • Techniques and technologies in morphogenetic design / guest-edited by Michael Hensel, Achim Menges + Michael Weinstock.
  • Structure as architecture : a source book for architects and structural engineers / Andrew W. Charleson.
  • Santiago Calatrava : 1951 : architect, engineer, artist / Philip Jodidio.
  • Physical Computing: sensing and controlling the physical world with computers/ Tom Igoe, Dan O’Sullivan
  • Fashionable Technology: A DIY intro to smart crafting/ Syuzi Pakhchyan
  • Fashion fabrics: Contemporary Textiles in Fashion / Elyssa Da Cruz
  • Getting Started with Arduino/ Massimo Banzi
  • Switch Craft: Battery-Powered Crafts to Make and Sew/ Alison lewis, Fang-Yu Lin
  • Fashioning future/ Suzanne Lee
  • Hussein Chalayan/ Caroline Evans, Suzy Menkes, Ted Polhemus , Bradley Quinn
  • Techno Textiles 2: Revolutionary Fabrics for Fashion and Design (Bk. 2) by Sarah E. Braddock Clarke
  • Extreme Textiles: Designing for High Performance by Matilda McQuaid
  • Smart Materials and Technologies in Architecture by Michelle Addington
  • Smart Materials in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Design by Axel Ritter
  • The Fashion of Architecture / Bardley Quinn
  • Material World 2: innovative material for Architecture and Design (v.2)

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